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Wild Cotton Spa Gift Box

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This gift box contains a rich and nourishing body butter with a fresh crisp unisex fragrance, a scented sachet and 4 bath bombs.

Drop a bath bomb in your bath and feel the worries of the world disappear. Apply body butter liberally to hands and body. The scented sachet can be used to keep clothing smelling fresh and fragrant. 

Every gift tells a story

Organically African products produced in South Africa. Indigenous plants used since antiquity by African healers are the heart and soul of the product range. The botanicals are sustainably harvested in the wild by knowledgeable local women and blended with locally-grown natural ingredients to create luxuriously soft, delicately fragranced gifts.

The reason this group came into existence was to provide employment opportunities, skills and hope to people living in desperate poverty, particularly women and the disabled. Their production cycle is deliberately low-tech and labor intensive as the products and packaging are handmade by trained crafters. These beautiful gifts are accredited by both Fair Trade in Africa and the international Fair Trade body in Europe.

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