Three Nesting Baskets in Salmon & Natural


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These baskets are artfully handcrafted from locally harvested palm leaves and wild twigs in Zambia's Southern Plateau. Weavers tint the leaves with textile dye to create subtle variegated tones. Each basket is unique and the set makes a great housewarming gift or addition to any decor. 

  • Sold as a set of three
  • Approx. sizes: Large 13"D x 8"T | Medium 12"D x 7"T | Small 11"D x 6"T 
  • Please note items are handmade and may vary slightly

Every gift tells a story

Famous for their basket weaving skills as well as their geometric designs, the Batonga women in the Pemba and Monze districts of Zambia's Southern Plateau create their product by first weaving palm leaves into a characteristic square and then radiating outward to create dramatic patterns. Through their partnership with our Fair Trade partner, Swahili, artisans have the opportunity to work from home while extending their trade channel from local markets to the global marketplace. Knowing that the fair payment they receive will not be eroded by traveling expenses, childcare costs and haggled prices, artisans use earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children.