Striped Accent Throw


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A versatile statement piece that works equally well as a shawl, a colorful accent tossed across a bed or a festive table runner. Handwoven on a traditional backstrap loom and inspired by the traditional dress women wear in different parts of Mexico.

  • 35 x 200 centimeters (approx. 14"w x 80"l)
  • 100% mercerized cotton
  • Dry clean only

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El Camino de Los Altos is a non-profit organization that produces stunning woven fabrics for the home in the highlands of Chiapas, Los Altos de Chiapas, Mexico. The association's goal is to improve the living conditions of Mayan weavers and their families and to keep alive the long-standing ancestral art within the region.  All products are hand woven on traditional, pre-Hispanic back strap looms and all embroidery and finishing is done by hand. Workshops at the training center include dyeing with natural materials, pedal loom weaving, computer-based textile design, sewing, business management, and quality control and inventory management. Their gainful employment means that the weavers, both women and men, are able to invest in their children's education and improve their families' housing and well-being.