SilK & Cotton SHAWLS

Wide variety of colors and patterns, in wild and mulberry silks, and organic and handspun cottons.

Country of origin: India

With their luxurious look and feel, these stunningly beautiful scarves and shawls say ‘thank you’ in a very personal way.


Mulberry silk & cotton shawls: WomenWeave supports the role of women in handloom weaving, working toward making handloom a profitable, fulfilling, sustainable and dignified income-earning activity particularly for women in rural India. Based in Maheshwar, they have helped to revive handloom in this centuries-old weaving center, and support the handloom school, which trains young weavers from all regions of India.

Wild silk shawls: Craftmark is a certification for genuine Indian handcrafted products, which develops standards for labeling a product as handmade and increases consumer awareness. Core values include integrity, quality and cutting edge design. The program enables craftworkers and organizations to take advantage of economic opportunities in international and domestic markets. It seeks to promote and protect Indian handicrafts by helping them become more competitive in such markets and by distinguishing authentic handmade craft products from replicated machine-made ones.

Largesse curates beautifully presented environmentally-friendly, artisan-made and fairly traded corporate gifts.


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