Bee House Cafe Mug – Set of 2 or 4

Hand-finished in Mino, Japan, these ceramic mugs fit perfectly in your hand, with a wholesome combination of sturdiness and elegance. Bound to become a favorite for warm beverages.


    • Holds 9.6oz
    • Sold in sets of 2 or 4
    • Durable and sturdy
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe



Born in tradition, built on quality. Zero Japan is a ceramics manufacturer and designer of fine houseware from Mino, Japan – a mountainside region whose artisan tradition of pottery making dates back to the 7th century. Since 1992, Zero Japan has carried on the region’s dedication to high-quality ceramic work. Their first products have evolved and expanded to stay desirable and contemporary. They bring functional beauty to your table. Every product is hand-finished, which allows for a seamless blend of materials in each piece. By integrating user-friendly details developed over 20 years, Zero Japan offers the essence of thoughtful and highly functional pieces. This allows you to immerse in quality experiences with all senses, savoring the moment every time.

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