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Round Wild Olive Wood Bowl

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Here is the perfect balance between natural wood and chic décor. A handmade bowl from sustainably sourced wild olive wood found in East Africa, appreciated for its rich grain, high quality, and beautiful color. Each bowl has its own appeal, with a harmony of colors and smooth surface, made with love and care.

  • Small: 9-10"W x 3"H
  • Large: 11-12"W x 3"H
  • Each item varies slightly due to its handcrafted nature
  • Recommended to hand wash in warm water, dry promptly and rub with oil before storage



Every gift tells a story

Largesse partner, Swahili, believes in the potential for a sustainable network of trade between Africa and the world and that hardworking African makers, producers and export agents should be the architects of their own personal success. Their endeavors provide many African artisans with income and they maintain accountability with artisans with personal visits at least once a year to discuss issues, confirm that payments are being allocated to individual artisans, and to conduct training and development sessions. They work with producers  who value their natural environment and employ sustainable methods of production. Export partners respect regulations governing the legal harvest of hardwoods to ensure compliance and uphold proper management of local forest resources. 

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