Sustainable and fairly traded masks. Be safe and be a force for good.

We work with partners who depend on their craft for their livelihood. As with many of us, COVID-19 has left their businesses without any revenue from their core product lines.

Reversible face mask - Leaf Color

The “barrier mask” is intended to complement protective measures and social distancing rules. It is intended for the general public and in particular any healthy person. The barrier mask in no way exonerates the user from the routine application of the protective measures, which are essential, and of the social distancing rules. This device is not intended to be used by health workers in contact with patients. FFP2 type filtering masks are intended to be used by and reserved for health workers.

We embrace the opportunity to supply you with face masks. Selecting from our extensive portfolio of masks will impact health, education, and empowerment programs in communities, and especially for women, around the world and in the US.

Producing face masks provides our partners with an alternative revenue stream.

Reversible face mask - Red Blue

Bold. Traditional. Statement. Contemporary.
Modern. Conservative. Custom. Branded.
Ties. Elastic.
Various price ranges. Minimums apply.


We are passionate about finding beautiful and unique products that are handmade. We are committed to ethical sourcing, support sustainable production methods, and employ distribution practices that are kind to the earth and its people. We deliver solutions that transform the way people give, receive, and make an impact


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