Set of 4 Wine Tumblers in Handmade Gift Box


Made entirely from recycled glass in Swaziland, these stem-less wine tumblers are the perfect accent to any table. They swirl and spin but definitely do not fall over.

Presented in a handmade gift box from Nepal.



Ngwenya Glass only uses recycled glass – mainly old soda bottles for each of their handmade and mouth-blown pieces. People from all over Swaziland collect bottles and are paid per pound for clean glass. Ngwenya Glass is concerned with conservation and organizes environmental clean-up days along the main roads in their area. They encourage the schools in their area to participate in exchange for donations of building materials or soccer kits etc. They believe that by educating the children about environmental issues, they contribute to saving our planet. Ngwenya Glass launched the Kingdom’s most successful wildlife conservation fund to date.  Known as the Ngwenya Glass Rhino and Elephant Fund, its proceeds go directly to saving these rare and endangered animals. A percentage of Ngwenya Glass’ sales worldwide is donated to this Fund.