Olive Wood Platter in Handmade Gift Box


These naturally shaped serving boards are made by using only olive wood that has been cut with certification by the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture as no longer fruit-bearing for olive oil production and finished with a proprietary mixture of soy oil, food-grade paraffin wax, and beeswax.  Approximate size: 14”-15” x 7”.

Presented in a handmade gift box from Nepal.



Le Souk Olivique is an American-Tunisian company, headquartered in the USA. They have two studios in Nabeul, Tunisia on the Mediterranean coast. They believe in taking quality and workmanship to a whole new level.  The pieces are sanded numerous times by hand until silky smooth.  They follow Fair Trade principles and pay above industry and minimum wage standards. They offer equal pay and true living wage to both genders and all workers work side-by-side in a safe working environment. Healthcare is offered to employees and the company contributes to social security costs.

Nepal Woman Crafts is a small Kathmandu-based manufacturer and exporter of traditional textile goods, and handmade paper and paper products. The paper products are made from lokta, found at high altitudes in almost the entire Nepalese Himalayan region. This women’s group uses their hand-made paper business as a vehicle for promoting income and entrepreneurial abilities among Nepalese women.