We want to see a world where people earn a sustainable income from the goods they produce, no matter where they live.

Many diligent and gifted artisans across the world do not have access to a sustainable demand for their goods. They work hard, but cannot sustain themselves and their families given the small market for their goods. Often, they end up having to rely on the generosity of others to survive, a scenario which should not be the long-term solution for any community.

People thrive and are inspired to succeed when they feel respected, valued and rewarded for their labor. Hope motivates people to keep going. Our dream is to see that hope alive and spreading in communities around the world.

We know you appreciate that, for the same effort and maybe a little more money, you can give a beautifully made, fairly traded and eco-conscious gift, that is helping a family to send their kids to school, or get access to health treatment.

Our promise is to keep doing what we can to create visibility for these incredibly resourceful and creative artisans by providing you with access to a unique range of high-quality products. We believe that by inspiring opportunities, we can help make the world become a better place for all.



Largesse is a product of our beliefs and deep desire to make a difference, one gift at-a-time.


The well-being of our partner artisans is central to who we are as a company. We work with artisan entrepreneurs to build their businesses and sustainably increase their income. We’re committed to maintaining and promoting centuries-old skills that bind together communities. We believe that ethical production should not compromise the quality and design. Rather, it adds to its exquisiteness and value.


Fair trade is best known for producers getting a fair price for their goods. We work to ensure the social, economic and environmental well-being of marginalized small producers which means we do not maximize profit at their expense. We promise fairly traded production, whether by certified fair-trade groups or responsibly run social and community facilities aiming to create income and help to preserve and develop culture.


We care for our planet by helping to preserve a clean ecosystem for future generations. That’s why we seek out products made from certified organic, recycled, upcycled or renewable raw materials with low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. This also holds true for packaging choices.  Our artisan partners optimize energy and water preservation and limit waste throughout the production process. Wherever possible, we use packaging products that can be recycled, composted or processed into new products.


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Largesse curates beautifully presented environmentally-friendly, artisan-made and fairly traded corporate gifts.


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