A recent study indicates that consumers today are using a company’s values as a filter for whether they should support an organization. 87% of consumers stated they would purchase a product based on values – because the company advocated for an issue they cared about. According to a Deloitte study, 73 percent of employees who say they work at a purpose-driven company are engaged, compared to just 23 percent of those who don’t.

At Largesse, leading with values is built into our DNA. We exist to create a global marketplace for deserving artisans around the world that will provide them with sustainable economic opportunities. Because we’ve been paying attention to the shifting demands of consumers and employees, we are also providing companies with the opportunity to align their gifting with their values. We believe that a corporate gift is a brand impression – whether that gift is given to an executive, a high performing sales person or a potential customer at a tradeshow. When the recipient understands that the company has taken the time to find a unique gift that is handmade by a real person, with a real story, not mass-produced in questionable conditions, the brand impression is highly positive.

It is not only our customers who lead with their values. Each of our suppliers exists to make a positive social impact. For example, our partner Batsiranai is a social impact company looking to create economic opportunities to lift children with disabilities and their families in Zimbabwe. These children are often shunned by society which causes their families to spiral into extreme poverty. In 1998, fourteen mothers of disabled children formed a support group in Harare.  Their talent for embroidery inspired them to begin making handicrafts to provide a sustainable income for their families. The group creates embroidered and painted fair trade handicrafts for the international market. Product sales have allowed the group to expand to its current size of 100 members. It is self-managed by a committee of seven elected members. The group makes decisions as a team and is proud of their level of cooperation. During the last 5 years they have purchased 2 houses for their daycare, physical therapy, workrooms, office, and housing for 3 families. The center provides hot meals and a vegetable garden for the members and children working there.

We were very sad to learn recently that Batsiranai lost an important sales tool: their website. Due to a technical glitch, the website was deleted and for now, Batsiranai cannot promote its products around the world. We reached out to our marketing partner, Sugarbird Marketing who has offered to build a new site for Batsiranai and we have offered to pick up the tab for monthly hosting. This is another example of how companies can lead with their values in small and large ways.

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