Business gifts are purchased to improve company image, to affirm relationships and to enhance the personal connection between giver and recipient. Unique, personal and useful gifts go a long way to establish a bond between company and customer. They create loyalty due to a feeling of personal connection, and convey to your client or customer that you value them. Gift thoughtfully. Research shows that American consumers are caring more and more about where things come from, who produced them, and under what conditions they are produced. Growing numbers of people, also in the corporate and events markets, are looking for something personal in a gift, with a human touch behind it.

To brand, or not to brand? While everyone enjoys seeing their logo on products, not everyone appreciates receiving them. In general, it is advisable to avoid self-promotion if you want to leave the impression that the gift is personal. A thoughtful gift item that makes a lasting impression, does not need your logo – you will be remembered by the gift itself.

Branded products keep the company name in the minds of clients. When the item is practical and likely to be used daily, this means continuous advertising. Often, branded gifts are designed for a desk or shelf, and do not include consumables. They make great event giveaways, and can be more effective when tailored to interests.

Gifting Etiquette

Gifting should be done with thought and purpose.

Have a clear understanding of the goals associated with your gifting.

Consider your audience and where possible, make your gifting personal, and aligned with interests.

Presentation and timing is critical.

Respect and adhere to gifting protocol, and do not spend too much.

If you have many recipients, consider a modest, useful item.

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