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"Fresh from the Sea"

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This limited edition giclee print on canvas was inspired by the beautiful waters of the Big Island of Hawaii. When stress levels get too high or we just need a break from everyday life, staring at the ocean makes us all forget about everyday problems - especially when the image is this serene - leaving the viewer refreshed, enlightened, and inspired.

"We are fresh from the day began in a trek over reef and rock to paint the waters..."

  • 11”H X 14” W canvas
  • Limited edition print of original oil on canvas by Hawaiian artist, Mia Kolly
  • Hand-applied image brush gel finish for added texture
  • 3” wooden art frame, vintage gold leafed, imperfect finish
  • Includes hanging hardware

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Mia Kolly is a professional painter from the rural north of Hawaii’s Big Island.  Her love for light, color and movement is  inspired by direct immersion in the outdoors.  She is often volunteer teaching and mural-making in the local schools. She holds a B.A. in Art and her work has sold internationally through local galleries and online.  Mia's vision is to inspire the next generation to make art indigenous to the land itself, and share that beauty with the world.

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