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Fine Cotton Shawl "Blue Rainbow"

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A carefully handwoven fine cotton shawl, lightweight and soft as a gentle breeze. The subtle blue hues are brought to life by accent color stripes. 

  • 30"W x 70"L
  • Handwoven cotton

Every gift tells a story

Amba is a unique connection to skilled weavers, craftspeople and traditional artisans of India. They aim to support and sustain their diverse skills and help guide creative endeavors to appeal to contemporary tastes. Amba sets the bar high for valuing the human element in fashion and invests its profits into conserving and developing the skills and lives of craftspeople. They pay above average fair wages both in remote villages and urban environments. 


'A sculptor in India embarks on a work of art bearing, in his bloodstream the imagination of his whole society. In the West, the artist is an individual. The individual’s feelings, fancy and imagination form the basis of his pictures and sculptures. But in India a picture, a song, a sculpture has at its root, the imagination and belief of a whole community. In order to understand the works of Indian art one has to understand the feelings and beliefs of the whole of society.'  Ananda Coomaraswamy

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