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Made entirely from recycled glass in Swaziland, these stemless glasses are the perfect accent to any table. They swirl and spin but definitely do not fall over! A unique piece to add to your bar or collection of glassware.



Height: 3.4″
Volume: 13.5 Ounces
Made In: Swaziland



Ngwenya Glass’ charming complex is set in large indigenous gardens and is considered one of Swaziland’s/Eswatini’s major tourists attractions! Here a small group of Swazi craftsmen and women – with age-old artistry – breath life into enchanting interpretations of the animals and birds of Africa, imbuing each with its own irresistible personality. Ngwenya Glass only uses recycled glass – mainly old soda bottles for each of their handmade and mouth-blown pieces. People from all over Swaziland collect bottles and are paid per pound for clean glass. Ngwenya must be the cleanest area because any bottle that catches the attention of local children finds its way into the factory! Not only are the people of Swaziland encouraged to collect the bottles, but Ngwenya Glass works with the local schools to instill in the children a sense of environmental awareness. In exchange for building materials and the sponsorship of the soccer team, the students must participate in roadside clean-up campaigns. An environmentalist’s dream – 100% recycled glass, disused engine oil fuels the furnaces, and old newspapers are used to shape and pack the glassware.







A focus on the simplicity and purity of the raw materials and processes enables the artisans to offer unique, richly textured textiles.  This luxurious handspun cotton throw is entirely made by hand in a shade of rich ivory.


Material – 100% handspun cotton
Size – 150 x 200cm
Color – Ivory


Sabahar is an Ethiopian company that produces uniquely designed, hand made cotton and silk textiles. Their products are entirely hand made in Ethiopia from natural fibers where they spin the cotton into a thread on drop spindles and use spinning wheels to spin Eri silk into thread. They dye the thread in small batches using environmentally friendly dyes and weave the fabric on traditional handlooms and make the fringes using a twist technique that has been practiced for centuries. Their artisans work in their homes and at their workshop. More than twenty sets of hands touch each product they sell. Such intensive production practices enable them to create and sustain significant employment for artisans who may otherwise leave their trade to find more reliable work. They have three core values that guide them. The first is sustainability. They support and train artisans to apply their ancient skills to modern, fresh designs. By providing the bridge between the artisan and the global market, they provide reliable income for families. The second is innovation as weaving is an ancient craft in Ethiopia. And finally, they care for each other. Their products are made with care by people they care about. They create positive work opportunities, with an emphasis on employment for women. Sabahar is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization.








Skilled carpenters work conscientiously with an array of gorgeous, exotic woods exclusively from the Petén jungle. The wood is sustainably harvested and certified. These woodwares are hand-crafted, ensuring each product is not only a unique work of art but is also an expression of the Guatemalan jungle and a testament to the beauty and biodiversity of this region.



Wood: Jobillo, also known as tigerwood, reddish orange, and dark streaks
Square – wood only
Rectangular – wood and alabaster or wood only



Itza Wood was founded in the largest remaining tropical forest of Central America, the Petén Jungle in Guatemala, a valuable lung for the world with some of the most amazing sights and sounds imaginable. Itza Wood exists to create jobs and foster positive social impact in a place where poverty is crushing. The carpenters live in local communities where families are struggling to ensure basic human services. Reliant on subsistence farming and little else, many families are living in homes with thatched roofs, no electricity, running water and dirt floors but Itza Wood is linking families to a future with hope and well being. While crafting beautiful products at Itza Wood they also focus on education and reforestation. Their commitment to education is a driving force. They generously support a growing Jungle School providing literacy, skills, and incentives to protect the areas’ resources. Through education, they are equipping young people and creating jobs to a better life in the region. As for preservation, their reforestation project planted 45,000 trees, before cutting a single one. They stand firm in their commitment to ensuring this tropical forest, known as the Mayan biosphere, remains standing for generations to come. At Itza Wood, they promise finely crafted products with fresh aesthetics and functional designs. But beyond the product, you are invited to join them in their story as they empower Guatemalans to continue the pursuit of education and craftsmanship with global impact.

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