Corporate gifts

Because what you give speaks volumes about who you are.

What better way to show your appreciation than a unique and thoughtful gift, beautifully presented, that also tells the story of others who have endured and succeeded? Often the spirit and intentionality of a gift hold more value for the receiver than the monetary value of the gift. Your recipients will cherish the gesture and be reminded that they are valued. 

Corporate rewards demonstrate the purpose and culture of your organization and what makes you unique. When you put your values at the center of your gifting, you magnify your impact, and colleagues feel included  in the chain of good.

Many occasions offer you the opportunity to express appreciation

Board meetings
Years of service
Speaker appreciation
Achievement of sales goals
Personal celebrations
Recognition of top performers
Client loyalty
Maintaining safety standards
Company milestones

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We are passionate about finding beautiful and unique products that are handmade. We are committed to ethical sourcing, support sustainable production methods, and employ distribution practices that are kind to the earth and its people. We deliver solutions that transform the way people give, receive, and make an impact


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