Coral Silk Scarf


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A stunning statement piece in luxury silk, playful, with a modern print in white, navy blue, pink, and coral. The tassels on each corner add the perfect amount of weight so that the scarf hangs nicely no matter how you style it. 

- 100% silk
- Tassel detail on each corner
- Beautiful, saturated colors
- 38" x 38"

Styling tip: Fold square into a triangle. Place the middle of the triangle at the front of your neck and bring the ends behind your neck. Cross the ends, bring them back to the front, and either tie them together or let them hang freely.

Every gift tells a story

This women-owned enterprise started with the founder's desire not only to see the world, but also to work with people around the world. Today, they partner with a dozen small vendors in Asia to produce two collections every year. The factories they work with are carefully selected and strong relationships are formed. An onsite colleague at each factory ensures that products contribute to the mission of creating beautiful products that reflect and benefit our planet and its people. This particular scarf was handstamped, and the tassels stitched on by hand, by women in India.