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Clear Glass Tumblers - Set of 6

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Handcrafted clear tumblers made in Oaxaca, Mexico from 95% recycled glass collected by the people from local communities. Individually crafted, each piece tells the story of the person who made it. We refer to them as the ‘happy glasses’, for the joy they bring to any occasion!

  • Sold as a set of 6
  • 3.15″W x 3.72″H
  • 10.14 oz
  • 100% lead-free recycled glass
  • Microwave and dishwasher-safe

Every gift tells a story

Xaquixe is a Zapotec word and means “at the base of the mountain.”  The central part of Xaquixe production is the process of transforming waste into materials using alternative energies. They use 95% recycled glass, collected by the surrounding local communities, and add 5% of a patented formula. As a result, their color palette is unusual with characteristics of transparency, shine, and compatibility, and a wide range of colors that generally could not be applied to recycled glass. Xaquixe uses alternative energies with waste generated in the local community. They use burnt cooking oil from 50 Oaxacan restaurants using a multi-fuel burner and generate CH4-Methane in an anaerobic biodigester. Their pieces are the result of the fusion between knowledge and skills in the traditional technique of blown glass. 

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