In black or silver lead-free food grade steel, with airtight cap and gold color tin internal lid.

Origin: Japan

Each time you open one of these canisters, you will experience the pleasant smoothness of craftsmanship. Ideal storage to protect teas, coffee and dry foods from light, air and humidity.


Since founder Chuzo Takahashi first started making the canisters by hand, these handcrafted, lead-free food grade steel and tin canisters have been in production in Japan for 100+ years. Kotodocan’s skilled craftsmen continue the tradition of using the same cherished technique that has been the foundation of the company, and their masterpieces are regarded as the best in the industry. Much about the way they craft their product with utmost care remained unchanged – they are still crafting each canister with the same cherished technique that cannot be replicated in mass production, the effect of which is evident in the details.

Canisters shown were handpainted by Seattle-based paint artist Wendy, aka Raven. She draws inspiration from her professional experience, her work with special needs children, and her love for nature and all forms of creative expression. She actively seeks opportunities to enhance accessible art for all, by creating art and murals in public settings.


Largesse curates beautifully presented environmentally-friendly, artisan-made and fairly traded corporate gifts.


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