Size: up to 10″H

Country of origin: Burkina Faso

Lost in the story, this wax-cast statue of a teacher reading to her pupils is made in an area in Burkina Faso, called Ouagadougou. The sunny mama and reading girl are two more examples of the skills of these talented metal workers.


These bronze figures are unique African sculptures, crafted using the long-lost method of wax casting. They are sometimes called the “lost wax” figures that originated in ancient times when an artist created an original sculpture in recovered beeswax. wax. An outer mold is created, usually in plaster, around the wax figurine.

Each stage in this careful process is planned and meticulously completed. Sometimes the piece may require two or three molded forms, depending on the thickness of the wax. Once the plaster is set, the molten bronze is poured into the outer mold. The wax form melts, and the bronze then takes the shape of the mold.  Once it hardens and the plaster is removed, the “lost” original figure is revealed, and artisans attend to finishing touches. Each sculpture is unique with subtle discrepancies in color.

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