LoveBottle, USA: digital printing or screenprinting, available area wraps around the entire body of the bottle. Your design is printed using a non-leaded ceramic ink that is durable, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.

Serax, Belgium, China: laser etching, suggested lower third of bottle body.


LoveBottle: A certified B Corp and mission driven company committed to changing the world with love. 5% of every purchase is donated to Global Water, helping to get clean water to people who need it. Love Bottle helped to get a clean water station to a school in Guatemala that services over 300 students. Currently, donations are helping to support clean water solutions in Syria, where war has left many cities without clean water. Each bottle is 100% made in the USA, plastic-free & BPA-free, completely nontoxic and made with about 40% recycled glass. Every Love Bottle has a raised heart on the chest and a UR Loved on the bottom. The ceramic swing top lids are artisanally handcrafted to give a beautiful old world feel to your customized glass water bottle.

Serax: To guarantee innovation and creativity, Serax works with leading designers from Belgium and abroad. They partner with groups to fight for a better future for disadvantaged children in Pleiku, Vietnam.  They financially support to the Belgian organization Live and Give, which devotes its daily work to projects by the Saint Paul de Chartres order of nuns. Their involvement helps with the care and support that these nuns provide to 500 children spread across the order’s various orphanages and boarding schools, and for the most vulnerable in society: lepers, disabled children who have been abandoned, and the poorest pregnant women who have become outcasts.


Largesse curates beautifully presented environmentally-friendly, artisan-made and fairly traded corporate gifts.


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