Exquisite handmade pieces from cast materials such as metal with brushed patina finish, gold brass inlays and sustainably sourced Indian rosewood.

Country of origin: India

For the enthusiast, compact and portable games and accessories, ideal for the office or to pack on your next trip.


Games: Woodcarving plays an important role in many Muslim artisan communities in agricultural villages in north central India. Artisans use hand tools to skillfully carve blocks of sustainable Indian Rosewood into fine treasures. Mastery is required to create the intricate carving, filigree and inlay work. Artisans belong to collectives that provide basic services and development solutions enabling self-sufficiency, including healthcare and education.

Magnifying glass: Asha Handicrafts is a non-profit fair trade organization in India, committed to the values of preserving diverse craft traditions and ensuring a fair wage for artisans. They collaborate closely with cooperatives and family workshops throughout India to provide income, medical care, educational assistance for children, and to improve the living and working conditions of the artisans. Other benefits include interest-free loans, training, and advances to purchase raw materials.

Largesse curates beautifully presented environmentally-friendly, artisan-made and fairly traded corporate gifts.


Anneli: (+1) 206.307.4660

Ilse:      (+1) 425.408.2248

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