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Transforming the way we give, receive, and make an impact 

Largesse = Giving with an open hand

Women owned and supporting global women artisans 
Responsibly sourced, packaged and resulting low impact to the environment 
Facilitating a global marketplace and fair wages for skilled craftspeople 
Meaningful gifts, ethically sourced, to bring you joy 
Committed to customer service 

How gifts can make a difference

Purchasing with purpose means you align with others around the world who care and strive to form part of the solutions we need to take care of our precious world, and the people who live in it. Whether you're shopping for the perfect corporate swag to personalize, or something for your own home, you have the opportunity to select goods that are aligned to your values--ones that are economically and environmentally sustainable. So that your dollars go to building the world as you want to see it. And you can be proud of the items you surround yourself with and use to build brand awareness initiatives. 

Supporting artisans

Products are thoughtfully sourced and commissioned from around the world--Fair Trade certified whenever available--handmade, and maintaining centuries-old skills that would otherwise be lost to mass production.  We source from global providers who focus on eco-friendly materials and eco-conscious production methods, including recycling and upcycling. We tell the story behind each product and the artisans who made them, creating opportunities for learning more about the communities involved, while providing a global marketplace and fair wages for skilled craftspeople.

Local collaboration

We are conscious of our carbon footprint and keep educating ourselves to understand the responsibility and best ways to contribute to the solution. We are fortunate to live and work in a region where creativity abounds, and as much as possible, Largesse collaborates with local suppliers who align with our values of taking care of the earth and her people, and to reduce unneccessary shipping and waste. 

Photo credit: Ben Dutton

Uncompromising quality

Our tastemakers require the kind of quality that delivers end-users, whether gift recipients or the shoppers themselves, a lifetime of joy. Using an exclusive item from Largesse on the week it arrived, or years later, provides the same satisfaction, comfort, and confidence in a choice well made.

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